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I have had successful Acupuncture treatments previously. I was very confident that it would be helpful to a new problem with hip pain. After three treatments, my pain walking is much improved. Dr. Gary who treated me is very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. I appreciate his concern and expertise in helping me to feel much better walking.

By Dr. Harold

I had experienced reside lower back pain caused by a basketball injury. I tried Acupuncture for the first time and felt immediate results. I am a believer now and I will continue to promote Acupuncture moving forward. Thank you Dr. Jean Gary! Job Well Done!

By Wiens

I was always curious about Acupuncture; however, my busy schedule prevented pursuit and time to investigate. I was able to avoid taking my anti-inflammatory medicine used for my chronic back condition through Acupuncture. Even after long days of walking and taking stairs, my mind was thinking anti-inflammatory medicine and a pain pill. A treatment by Dr. Gary was all the relief I needed. No meds and a resolution to what I thought was going to be a tough sleepiness night. I actually was pain free and I slept very well! Thank you Dr. Jean Gary! And more people should turn to Acupuncture.

By Thomas

My experience with Dr. Jean Gary and Acupuncture was a very positive one. He was very kind and professional. I didn’t experience pain during treatment. I hope to continue my treatments as I do feel they are helping me. Very positive experience! Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Kathy

Dr. Gary Did an excellent job! I am very pleased with the information I received to help me heal. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gary to anyone. It’s worth seeing Dr. Gary to better one’s health.

By Barb

I had read about Acupuncture and I knew only one person that had used it for back problems. I decided to get it and I had done enough reading to know that I agreed with what Dr. Jean Gary told me about foods and eat. I noticed very good results from the treatments. I had 10 sessions with Dr. Jean Gary. Thank you!

By Diana

I feel better than I did. I am sure this will help me reach my goals, control my weight and stop smoking.

By Larry

Dr. Jean Gary was wonderful- asked all the right questions and made me feel at ease right away. After and from the start of all 5 treatments, I could feel the difference in my shoulders and lower back. I am really glad I did see him and I got the full benefit of the sessions. Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Vicki

I was having back and hip pain and walked with a limp. After one treatment, the pain was reduced about 80% and I was walking a lot straighter. I returned for a second treatment hoping for full recovery. Thanks a lot Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Raymond

I have had 5 sessions with Dr. Jean Gary Joseph. I had very lead back pain and from these sessions I have had great relief. Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Maxene

I was very pleased with the professionalism and manners of the Physician. So far results have been very positive and I would be very willing to use the service of Dr. Jean Gary Joseph again.

By Daryl

Wonderful! I am amazed and very happy to have such a great treatment that truly works. I am very happy with the results. Thanks Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Karen

During my sessions, I had the sensation of letting go. It was like my body telling me to let things go. I had originally come because of my weight and swollen feet and ankles. I would say that needing to let things go was right on the money. I also felt my legs and feet were loosened and I could walk faster. Look out I may be passing you. Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Jill

My treatments have produced amazing results. I have not been this pain free for 15 years. I was a vender of plywood at work and I was forced to retire. I have been in pain every day until I met the Fabulous Dr. Jean Gary Joseph. He has changed my life for the better!!! There is a God!!! Thank you so very much Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By James

My lower back was hurting at a 10 when I came to see Dr. Joseph. In 5 days, he had my pain down to 2 or 3 on scale to 1 to 10. I was not resting and sleeping at night. I find I get sounder sleep when I do sleep. For an overall on the body, I would recommend you see Dr. Jean Gary Joseph.

By Sherry

I found the Acupuncture treatments helpful. The recurring lower back pain, which had prevented me from sitting at some times during the day showed clear improvement. Furthermore, Dr. Jean Gary Joseph was friendly and informative, particularly about resolution of another ailment related to eczema. The process is painless and benefits worthwhile. Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Michael

I was under a lot of chronic stress brought on by raising a bipolar child. Not even the stress of being a two-time cancer survivor can compare to dealing with the mood instability of this condition, and I had found that the anti-depressants which had pulled me through what I thought was the most difficult time of my life were no longer effective. As an RN, I had limited knowledge of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, but I had met many who claimed relief from symptoms left unresolved by Western Medicine. So with an open mind, I attended one of Dr. Jean Gary Joseph’s conferences and I decided this was the right time to try Acupuncture. I had four treatments over five days. I am feeling better physically than I have at any time over the past five years. I will continue Acupuncture as well as follow Dr. J’s dietary and herbal remedies. Any concerns about Dr. J’s credentials were immediately put at rest with his educational background and licensure in the state of Florida. His knowledge, calm demeanor, and skills are admirable as well as his mission to educate people about Oriental Medicine to improve their lives.

By Donna

I have been extremely impressed with Dr. Jean Gary Joseph’s services! He is very gentle and knowledgeable about Acupuncture. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if this was going to work for me. After meeting with Dr. Jean Gary, I realized that this was something I should try. I promise the needles do not hurt and you will feel so much better. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!!!

By Dr. Marissa

My husband encouraged me to attend Dr. Joseph’s Acupuncture conference because of a sciatica flare-up the night before. Dr. Joseph explained the benefits of acupuncture and demonstrated the insertion of the needles in my arm. It was virtually painless and I was willing to give the treatment a chance. On scale of 1 to 10, my pain level was a 9. After just one treatment my pain was significantly reduced and I was able to enjoy daily activities. Today marks my fifth and final treatment, and I am ready to go on without pain. I cannot thank Dr. Jean Gary Joseph enough for his professionalism and skill. I give my strongest recommendation to anyone considering Acupuncture with Dr. Joseph. It really works!

By Mrs. Pat

Dr. Jean Gary Joseph got me walking a lot better. All pain is gone in back. I can stand without pain now. Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph.

By Robert

I had the pleasure of meeting and being treated by Dr. Jean Gary Joseph. He was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I saw him for neck and bilateral arm pain. Acupuncture gave me more pain relief in one week than I received from my local Doctor and a physical therapist in the 8 weeks prior I saw Dr. Joseph. I also saw a great improvement in both energy and restful sleep. Acupuncture by Dr. Jean Gary Joseph is highly recommended!

By Rebecca, RN

I had lower back pain and stiffness. After three treatments, I felt much better. I was able to walk upright and at a faster pace. I hate needles; however, the results were worth enduring the minor discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Jean Gary Joseph to any one with similar problems. Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Jacqueline

First time I ever had Acupuncture. I had a very bad shoulder and neck from a car accident many years ago. I usually get massage. But, my daughter convinced me to try Acupuncture. I am so thankful she did. Results are awesome after just two visits!!! Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Bonnie

I was very excited to learn from Dr. Jean Gary Joseph the benefits Acupuncture offers. I was convinced after listening to Dr. Jean Gary Joseph talk. After suffering from low back pain, herniated disc and thigh pain; this “no side effects” approach method worked so well. I was able to sleep and go about the day pain free! This will continue to be my whole body maintenance for life! Thank you Dr. Jean Gary Joseph!

By Carolyn

I am a former skeptic. The treatment provided immediate relief of my neck and back pain. The results were totally amazing! I would recommend Acupuncture to anyone suffering from pain. I will continue to educate myself on the benefits of this procedure and other treatable maladies.

By Celeste

This was my first experience with Dr. Jean Gary and any type of Acupuncture. I was apprehensive and somewhat skeptical but had great hope. I am very pleased that I feel better and much pain and soreness have been relieved. I would recommend this for anyone who is experiencing rather chronic pain. Dr. Gary is calm, reassuring and knowledgeable. I am very glad I had his service and treatment.

By Sharon

Very professional treatment with a constant caring of customer’s wellbeing.

By Walter

Amazing results! I did not believe it would work, but now I am a believer.

By Neily

I came to the session with back spasms and chronic sleep issues. Dr. Jean Gary’s professional counseling, food and supplement recommendations will be very helpful for my blood cancer and ongoing artery issues. My back feels relaxed, spasms are gone and I feel much better. The Dr. is highly skilled and well versed in assisting healing. Thank you very much! I am very greatful!

By Jack

The whole experience was very informative. I enjoyed the conversations about life and health, as well as suggestions to follow when I leave. The small pricks from the needles were nearly painless, but they did have some small amounts of electric feeling. My pain in my neck is nearly gone after three treatments and my headaches are seemingly subsiding. The overall experience was very enjoyable and I would suggest it to anyone.

By Jacob

I was not a strong believer, but entering to his clinic with bad neck and shoulder problems. I am going home almost painless. Well worth it! I will do it again.

By Paul

The overall service was excellent! I couldn’t have been taken care of any better when I was with Dr. Jean Gary Joseph. I felt no pain. My right hand feels a bit weird, but all around I am fine. I will definitely be returning to Acupuncture. Thank you so much for your treatment!

By Zachary

More energy and more relaxed after treatment. Very pleasant and informative Acupuncture Physician. I would highly recommend Dr. Jean Gary Joseph and Acupuncture.

By Donna

I was injured in an accident 6 months ago. For 6 months, I was in severe pain and only able to walk short distance. A friend of my told me about Acupuncture and encouraged me to see Dr. Jean Gary Joseph. I was amazed! After one treatment, I was able to walk again without having to rest every few steps. My pain level went from a 10 to a 2. Thank you very much Dr. Jean Gary!

By Cindy

I have always wanted to try Acupuncture. I am very glad I did. I learned a lot about what Acupuncture does and I am hoping this will help me. Dr is so nice. I really liked talking with him. It’s very helpful to know he had gone through pain too. Thank you so much for helping me!

By Becky

I have had acupuncture in the past and found it to be helpful for the physical impacts of stress on my body. I arrived depressed to the clinic, but I could feel relief after three treatments. Thank you for making me feel better and have some fun. Dr. Jean Gary, you made a difference!

By Debra

Very gifted man! Dr. Jean Gary Joseph removed my pain in my knee in one treatment. I came with a cane to his clinic. Three days later I was able to walk with no cane. Remarkable results! I feel great! Thank you!

By George

I appreciate the care you gave me. My sinuses are clear and pain free. Your caring disposition is much appreciated and I hope in the future I will be pain free of my migraines.

By Christine

This is the first time I have been being treated with Acupuncture. I was pleased with the results and felt the treatments addressed the various issues I was concerned about. Dr. Jean Gary Joseph was professional and knowledgeable and met my expectations fully. Beyond that, he was personable and committed to giving me the best care he could. I appreciated the service I received and would recommend both the treatment and the Physician.

By Cathy

Dr. Jean Gary Joseph did a great job with me. His skill and capabilities are clear in his work. He has a very friendly bed side manor. He is focused on my wellness and we talked many aspects of it during my sessions. He treated pain in my knee and ankles. After five treatments, the pain in my knee was gone and the pain in my ankle was greatly diminished. His focus on my health also lead him to treat my sinus and stress. I was very pleased with Dr. Jean Gary and I highly recommend him. Thank you!

By Winter

Dr. Jean Gary Joseph worked on my knees, which usually cause me enough pain to use Tylenol. After a few treatments, they are not 100% yet, but they don’t require Tylenol now.

By Dennis

I was very impressed with the results from my Acupuncture sessions. The pain in my elbow is gone. The pain in my knees and feet has also been relieved. I was afraid that I had done permanent damage to my knees. But, I feel that with continuing the line of personal changes on my part that my knees and feet will be good as new. I am very pleased with the herbs and lifestyle changes that were suggested to me. I felt that Dr. Jean Gary Joseph was very professional and informative. Thank you!

By Tridy

Dr. Jean Gary Joseph was excellent. After five sessions, I feel my headaches are better controlled. I feel Acupuncture aided me in relaxation. Dr. Jean Gary is an inspiration also!

By Virginia

Extremely good results with the libido. I highly recommend the Acupuncture treatment!

By Seine

My goal with Acupuncture was to get relief from a chronic headache. First, my Headache has gone down by 80%. Second, also during my treatment, I came down with a slight cold and the process of Acupuncture helps me tremendously. Thank you, Dr Jean Gary Joseph!

By Thomas