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Why Acupuncture?
Let us share with you why you should have Acupuncture therapy done on a regular basis. Having it done on a regular basis may be relative to you due to your pathological concerns. Lots of people have been asking us how often one should have Acupuncture treatments. You can have Acupuncture therapy done every day, three to five times a week or once a week depending on what you aim to accomplish healthwise. Acupuncture therapy focuses on establishing a balance state that your whole body needs to function optimally and consistently. Anything that is going wrong in your body such as emotional disorders and physiological issues can affect your body’s harmony.
How Does Acupuncture Work Traditionally?
By having Acupuncture therapy done, you allow your body to undergo various biochemical and physiological changes, which will lead to an optimal wellbeing state. Since your body is a whole, a treatment of Oriental Medicine combines your mind and your body to attain the essential equilibrium. One of the theories of Oriental Medicine is based on Life Energy flowing through your body. This life energy is called “Qi” pronounced (chee). This phenomenon is flowing through a system called channels or meridians, which connect with the organs of your body. Whenever this cyclical flow of this energy (Qi) in the channels is blocked or imbalanced, illnesses will take place.
How Does Acupuncture Work Scientifically?
Next question we want to answer for you is how Acupuncture works. People have always asked us this pertinent question. Here is one of the scientific theories about how it works; specifically when you suffer from pain. Acupuncture actually stimulates your brain’s production of polypeptides, which diminish pain sensitivity. These mechanisms enhance the release of natural pain-relieving molecules known as endorphins by the brain. This hormone is very similar to opiates like morphine, which are potent anaesthetic agents. This is not all about Acupuncture. We are encouraging you to subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter for more information.